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The HD2/ HD4 MBX is capable of combining the bandwidth of 2 or 4 cellular links into an unbreakable, high-speed SD-WAN connection. The HD4 MBX supports up to 8 SIM cards, with room for another 8 with the optional SIM Injector. With up to 16 cellular providers to connect to, spotty coverage will simply not be a problem.


Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router

The MAX HD2 gives you blazing fast connectivity on the road with dual embedded cellular modems and SpeedFusion, plus a built-in 4-port GE switch to reduce clutter in your mobile deployments.


With a max speed of 900 Mbps and at 7.5 times the speed of the original UBR, the UBR Plus brings you an unbreakable connection to keep your network running smoothly.


Multi-WAN router with groundbreaking price-performance

Balance 20X delivers excellent routing throughput with an embedded cellular modem, making it an easy to use, all-in-one router.

Balance Two

Gigabit Class Branch Router for Demanding Enterprise workloads

With its small form factor and fanless design, the Balance Two delivers true full Gigabit routing performance. Supporting 150 Mbps SpeedFusion VPN throughput, the Balance Two is the ideal router for small businesses.

Max BR2 Pro 5G

Designed for Pros, by Pros.

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